So I have decided that Denver is like this hidden gem. You really have to live here for a bit to truly understand the amazingness of it. For starters it is BEAUTIFUL. I mean, the mountains are in the distance ya, but the trees and cute little streets and parks ah. Also it is no wonder that it is the healthiest city seeing as everywhere you turn there is another cute park where everyone is out walking, running, playing sports, biking, roller skating (and doing all these things with their dogs…which I think is my favorite part!). Yes, the weather is beyond random but you can’t ever say you get sick of it seeing as one day it is below freezing and the next you are outside in shorts and t-shrt soaking up the rays. The houses and little communities are out of a picture book and there are so many fun restaurants and food spots to enjoy. So….can you tell I might like Denver just a little bit???

Pictures are worth a thousand words right? So while I could tell you how amazing Denver is, here is a little peak to help you better understand 🙂


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