Slight Change in Weather…

I am pretty sure this past weekend I was happy as a lark, feeling as though it was late-summer, as I rode my bike along beautiful sunny streets and sipped coffee at the farmer’s market. Now I am whistling Christmas tunes thinking about feasting over holiday meals as I stomp through the snow, bundled up from head to toe. The snow is here again but probably not to stay which will only add to my confusion. So as for now…welcome winter? But I will say, as much as I dreaded this dumping of snow when I first heard it was coming, I rather enjoyed my walk through to school this morning. There is something so incredibly peaceful about the snow, it is magical seeing a blanket of white as far as the eye can see covering the world that was oh so recently laden with sunshine. So, it is exciting for now, but come May I will be MORE than ready to see it go. Here we go again…now let the holiday season begin!


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