Chipping Away

Today we did ice carving in labs. It was cold but actually quite fun. My partner and I decided to do a cartoon whale. So….here is the result. 



So it finally happened…I got sick. After an extremely emotional and exhausting week, I woke up on Thursday with a sore throat and I knew, after what has seemed like a few years of wellness, my immune system was down. By Friday night I was feeling pretty awful but my friends and I had all planned to go out to Pho. Now, we tried to see if anyone would deliver, and after that plan failed, we laid on the ground, basically kicking and screaming in hunger and exhaustion, until we finally all convinced ourselved to hop in the cars and get some food. This was a decision I will never regret!
We walked up to was looked like a small dive on the road called and I was beginning to question why and how this had gotten such good reviews. I was quickly reminded of the whole “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” rule. My jaw dropped as I opened the door to see a huge open space with tons of tables completely packed with people. Each person had their bowl of pho and condiments and the room was filled with the tinging of chopsticks, the slurping of noodles, and happy chatter throughout.
In case you don’t know what pho is, it is a vietnamese noodle dish. It is basically a huge bowl of extremely flavorful broth, a ton of noodles and your choice of meat. You order based on the size of the bowl you want…the sizes range from a huge bowl of soup to a bowl of soup that could feed a small country. The best part is that on the side you get a plate full of tons of basil, dendelion greens, bean sprouts and jalapenos. There is also a big platter of soy sauce, siracha, hot chili sauce, hoisin etc. The idea is that you add whatever you want to it to make it as hot, mild, or whatever flavor you want. I got the chicken pho so it was basically a big bowl of vietnamese style chicken noodle soup. It was exactly what the doctor ordered and I can’t wait to go and get more pho soon. Oh and you have to use chopsticks. I am probably the absolute worst at using chopsticks but it adds to the experience and somehow makes it taste that much better. 
Oh and did I mention that I ordered the small and it was more than I could eat and it was only like $5 or something. That made it taste just a bit better :).