Who said you have to be sick to have Chicken Noodle Soup?

I have been back for nearly two weeks now and I am still going strong and I am excited to say that I have had some delicious dinners. I will start with the most heart warming on these cold nights as we head into winter..Chicken noodle soup. Sick or not, this seems to be one of the most satisfying bowls of soup you can have! 
Now if there is anything I have learned while working to create diverse meals on a budget it is the importance of cross utilization! I have had to find a way to use every ingredient multiple time and in many different ways. Now I have also been tyring to buy hardy vegetable that can handle not bening used right away. I picked up some napa cabbage and I have fallen in love with it and have gotten quite a bit of use out of just one small head. One of my favorite ways I have used the cabbage so far has been as a special ingredient to kick the typical chicken noodle soup up a notch.
Soup-er (yes I had to) Simple Chicken Noodle Soup
(My recipes are all made based on what I have around so really just adjust to you liking.)
1 chicken breast (cut into small chunks)
1/2 head of cabbage (maybe 1/4 depending on how large it is) cut into thin slices
2-3 carrots (don’t cut them too thin! So much better when you get a hearty piece of carrot)
Onion, diced
Garlic, minced
Dried (or fresh if you are so lucky :)) thyme, sage parsley…. or whatever herbs you have!)
2/3 cup noodles (whatever you enjoy! I used whole wheat penne and I really love it! A healthy alternative and just kind of fun to have penne in there)
Chicken broth (I used better than bouillion…so easy, a great bang for your buck and a really good resulting broth!) 
Saute your onion until translucent. Add carrot and garlic (note: you can add celery too but I never buy it and am not a big fan and I certainly didn’t miss it…especially with the cabbage.)
Add broth. Add chicken (if it is already cooked wait until the end). Add cabbage. Add seasonings and flavorings. Add pasta (I cooked the pasta in the soup because I like the noodles to get nice and soft but if you like your pasta al dente just cook it and keep it separately and add some noodles in each time you heat yourself up a bowl of soup.)
Allow to simmer. Taste and adjust seasonings.
*Serve with warm toasted bread (HIGHLY recommend the french or italian baby boule from whole foods. They will slice it for you and it is about $1.20 for the loaf…so good right out of the toaster.)
Curl up on the couch with a blanket and your big bowl of chicken noodle soup and dip your crusty french bread as you make your way through the steaming bowl of brothy, vegetably, noodly goodness 🙂 Happy winter (almost…it sure does feel like winter here in Colorado!)
Unfortunately, I wasn’t all snuggled up and cozy when i enjoyed this soup but it did help give me the energy to get through the rest of the night at work!

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