After waking up without an alarm clock for the first time in a long time, I took a few extra minutes to roll out of bed. (the fact that my house is currently FREEZING did not help this process…in fact it caused my hand to sneak over and press the on button for my electric blanket, which only prolonged the whole waking up process. )
Once I finally did manage to muster up the courage to brave the cold, I threw on some workout clothes and did Peanut butter finger’s ( 10 minute Cardio and Ab blast. This was the perfect way to warm up and wake up! 
My dad invited me to Peet’s Coffee and Tea (he’s a morning regular, the woman there actually called him a VIP…go Dad ;)) and who am I to say no to a Capuccino. So I snacked on some grapes (yes…craving satisfied) while he got ready and then this happened…
The usual….Decaf soy cap. 
Some Chobani and the comics and I am set (and a very serious paper reader by the way…)
Breakfast, cap and a coffee shop, I am one happy girl 🙂
So, this coffee review goes to my favorite coffee chain, Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Somehow always making a quality coffee despite being set up all over the place. Good strong espresso, not overly sweet, not too many options on the menu, and about ten different milk choices out on the table to customize your coffee with (including soy milk, thank you very much) 
Love it.
Back home and couldn’t resist the bed, so I turned on the electric blanket, unpacked and then hopped in with my laptop to do some blogging. 
The rest of the day will be complete with my favorite pilates video (thank you Giorgia), time with the best sisters and nephews ever, along with possibly some bolani (I will definitely be posting about this soon!!!) thrown in. 
Hopefully, if I am super productive I will make some baked chicken fingers (a craving…don’t ask), pictures to come!!
Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! One week countdown to THANKSGIVING!

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