After careful contemplation, I decided it would be best to avoid my to dos and errands and instead hop in the car with the girls and head to Jelly. This was the best decision ever. I love coffee shops, and I love breakfast nooks, but I especially love fun and funky breakfast and coffee nooks with delicious food and great friends. After a thirty minute wait, where we watched the hostess run around like a chicken with her head cut off, bringing people to tables, filling and delivering waters, dropping checks, calling out names, and checking people in, we hopped into a booth, and continued to contemplate what to order until the very last minute.

Now, the atmosphere here is fun and funky, but the wait staff is the best. Our waitress was so much fun and made the whole experience even better. But there is nothing better than sitting in a cozy booth, with the hustle and bustle around you and sipping on coffee, talking and laughing with friends and waiting on delicious food. So, yes, we ordered coffee, yes we ordered their jelly filled donuts and yes we ordered plenty of other food.

But before I explain, I think this pretty much says it all…

 Eggs, potatoes, chai french toast, corn crusted pancakes, toast with jelly….yum.  This is my new favorite breakfast place. Period.

 My wonderful meal! Toast, incredible, fresh raspberry jam, almond cappuccino and a poached egg!
I can’t wait to go back. Perfect morning brunch with the girls (does 1pm still count as brunch?…why not right?!)


Office, Tea and Cookies

Back to work, back to school, back to whole foods:
Thanksgiving is over and is slowly becoming a distant memory. We started a new term, and the first days were a bit overwhelming to say the least. I hate how we have to go through every single assignment the first days because I come out panicked and feeling like I am already behind.
Because we don’t have class on Fridays, I was able to spend the whole day at work. As much as I love what I do and even though my career path doesn’t really point at a desk job, sometimes I just love doing the whole nine-five in the office thing. There is something fun about packing your meals for the day in a bag, getting stuff done and then unpacking little snacks throughout the day to keep you going.

            My absolute favorite as of lately are Whole Foods 365 Honey Graham Bear Cookies. There is nothing better than having a little afternoon snack of hot tea and cookies!

So Cute and so delicious 🙂
I really love these because they have just the right flavor you look for without leaving and overly sweet taste in your mouth.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Tuesdays are my new favorite day because I get to DANCE!…

The best advice I can give you that I have found about exercise is to switch it up constantly. Your body gets bored easily and needs to be constantly trying new things and working at new challenges. Not only is this great for you body but it majorly prevents boredom. Now, I know everyone talks about it, and I may be a little late to the game here, but you seriously have to try Zumba…now! It is literally the most fun I have had. Dancing around for an hour, what more could you ask for? This is what I like to call “play time!” and it just so happens that you are getting an awesome workout at the same time. I would highly recommend finding a local Zumba class OR find an awesome DVD and set a time that you and your friends can get together and do it together (trust me it is much more fun this way) and promise me not to take yourself too seriously, because laughing is awesome for your abs too!

Winter Means Snow

Snow is officially on the ground, which means outside time consists of getting from point A to point B. This means exercise heads back indoors. If you are anything like me, each second seems like an hour when you are on a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike….you name it. I hate being confined to a small room and literally feeling like a lab rat. Exercise becomes this burden that I have to check off my to do list so that I can feel a little less guilty as I go about my day. When did we make the switch from being active to WORKING OUT? 
This is actually something that I struggle with. I used to run. I got to the point where nothing I did felt like enough unless I killed myself on the treadmill. For a while it was fun but soon it just become something I dreaded. I started to have feet problems again and then I just got fed up. No more. I decided to explore my options and have found some exercises that I really enjoy and I would love to share them with you all and inspire you to be excited about being active again. Lately, I can’t wait to get to the gym to try a new routine or really burn it out!
I will start with walking. My friends Meg and Katie and I have basically sworn off running when we don’t want to because we refuse to torture ourselves just because “everyone else is doing it” (if you love to run or are in the mood…AWESOME, GO FOR IT…more power to you :)). We started meeting up and going for long walks. It is awesome. Not only do you get fresh air, but this is an awesome time to really talk it out as you walk it out (see what I did there ;)) We really get to check in with each other and discuss issues we are really dealing with. GO DO IT!
Alas…again we come to the topic of the snow. Well, fear not because I have learned to love the treadmill by making it work for me, rather than the other way around. Inspired by this girl (check out this blog it is awesome) I have been working to put together some incredible interval treadmill workouts that keep your attention because you are constantly switching things up (and never running…unless you want to). If you think walking is too easy for you, try this out because it is no joke (I am always sweaty faced and huffing and puffing) you will be surprised at how walking can kick your booty.
Here was my routine today:

Here is an awesome website with animated pictures to show you how to do some of these exercises.
After I did this  walk I intended to do some circuit training. My intentions were good and I was off to a good start until I got to the point where I was supposed to do some crunches on an exercise ball. I sat on the ball and proceeded to get into formation when, of course, the ball slipped right out from under me and I landed right on my tail bone. Thankfully no one was around and I was left in peace to roll around like a fool , with my breath taken away from me and no idea whether to panic and call the medics, cry, or just laugh at how ridiculous my life is. Eventually I got my breath back and realized that I wasn’t bleeding and it didn’t seem like anything was broken (except my ego). But this little fluke pretty much ended work out time for me.
Lesson… be careful when using exercise equipment, especially exercise balls.
Enjoy walking!


I bought a jump rope. YAY!
I did not, however, buy a $700 pen…
You must have to be all sorts of kinds of important to own a pen like that.
Maybe someday, but for now I will just go jump some rope!

Jumping rope is basically my favorite thing ever lately. For some reason it is just really soothing. I get into the rhythm of the rope hitting the ground and just enjoy myself. It doesn’t hurt that it is an awesome calorie burner and challenge!

Here is the workout I did today…

Warning: Do not complete this exercise after eating…it will not feel great 🙂 
Have fun!