Bolani…it deserves its own post!

I think the best part of returning to the bay area is getting my daily fill of Bolani. No, not bologna… For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, I will try to explain but I fear that I will never do justice to the experience of tearing off a piping hot piece of pumpkin filled flaky deliciousness. OK really, the best way for me to explain is in pictures because I always try to describe the incredibleness (?) that is Bolani to people and never seem to get my message fully across.
So here you go…
It is this wonderful flat bread that they fill with all sorts of different goodies. My particular favorite is the pumpkin, but they also have spinach, potato, lentil…  It is so flaky and packed full of pumpkin and spices. The best part is, is that it is so healthy, so no guilt involved. I really don’t get it. I have attempted to mimic it on my own but have yet to succeed in getting the same flakiness and flavor. Oh well, some things will forever remain a mystery.
OH YA, look at all that pumpkin goodness. And today I sauteed some onions with a little olive oil, added some thinly sliced apples, salt, pepper and cinnamon and cooked it all until tender and topped the hot toasted Bolani with the delicious apple mixture (side note: sauteed onions, apples and cinnamon are delicious so if you don’t have bolani just put that mixture on… anything… and it will be good)  SO. GOOD. 
Moral of the story:
Come to the bay area and buy bolani and eat it now. 

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