After careful contemplation, I decided it would be best to avoid my to dos and errands and instead hop in the car with the girls and head to Jelly. This was the best decision ever. I love coffee shops, and I love breakfast nooks, but I especially love fun and funky breakfast and coffee nooks with delicious food and great friends. After a thirty minute wait, where we watched the hostess run around like a chicken with her head cut off, bringing people to tables, filling and delivering waters, dropping checks, calling out names, and checking people in, we hopped into a booth, and continued to contemplate what to order until the very last minute.

Now, the atmosphere here is fun and funky, but the wait staff is the best. Our waitress was so much fun and made the whole experience even better. But there is nothing better than sitting in a cozy booth, with the hustle and bustle around you and sipping on coffee, talking and laughing with friends and waiting on delicious food. So, yes, we ordered coffee, yes we ordered their jelly filled donuts and yes we ordered plenty of other food.

But before I explain, I think this pretty much says it all…

 Eggs, potatoes, chai french toast, corn crusted pancakes, toast with jelly….yum.  This is my new favorite breakfast place. Period.

 My wonderful meal! Toast, incredible, fresh raspberry jam, almond cappuccino and a poached egg!
I can’t wait to go back. Perfect morning brunch with the girls (does 1pm still count as brunch?…why not right?!)


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