Anticipated, Arrived…History.

We are well on our way to 2014 now and I didn’t even see that happen. The holidays came and went and before I knew it I was walking down Christmas Tree Death Row. I really do not feel like I got enough use out of my ugly Christmas Sweatshirt and Pandora is still trying to play jolly Holiday music for me. I guess all I can do now is hunker down and start looking forward to…summer?

The Christmas break was relaxing. Maybe a little too relaxing because I definitely did not get nearly as much work done as I was planning and am now beyond swamped, and just trying to take it a day at a time.

Here are my “12 Days of Christmas” or a quick recap of break in pictures

1. Plenty of time at Peet’s with the mom and pop, drinking small decaf soy caps, and splitting their delicious low fat blueberry muffins with my mom!


 2. Movies, heater vent time, and family time around the Christmas tree. 
3. Baking and shaking puppy chow and rice krispies with this goof. 
4. Plenty of walking around town, which may have been interrupted by stops in this place… 

5. An amazing and calm Christmas dinner followed by apple pie and cheesecake YUM!
6. Coffee and great conversations with the sister. 
7. Hiking around the amazing and beautiful Muir Woods with the fam! Must go if you are in the Bay Area!

(Note: My mom is really smiling here…this rarely happens!!)
8. Hang out sessions with some awesome boys with stylin’ haircuts and hip backpacks
9. Visiting old friends for the first time in a long time!
10. Delicious Birthday brunches and dinners for the sisters
11. A crazy New Years party with some crazy kids. 

12. ZZZZZZZZZZ, plenty of sleeping in my bed. (Electric blanket….need I say more??)
Well, I am pretty sure that covers it. I hope everyone else had a relaxing and fun holiday season/break!  Happy New Year!


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