A Quick Break!

After eating a really good lunch, I decided to give a little food update. Also, I have definitely been working on homework for too many hours and it is making my back ache so I need a little break 🙂

This is also an awesome opportunity for me to do some product reviews because I have been trying some awesome new foods that I would highly recommend.

When I went shopping the other day I was really looking forward to buying some Applegate Chicken and Apple Sausage which I had over break and they were soooo good. Unfortunately they were out so instead I went for The Natural Brat Hans Mild Italian Chicken Sausage, which was a great choice! Last night I sauteed some sliced apples and cinnamon and sliced the sausage and cooked that. I then added some leftover spaghetti squash to the mix and threw in some peas. It needed a sauce so I mixed a little bit of pumpkin and almond milk and heated that up and mixed it in with some thyme, salt and pepper. It was a bit of a mish mosh, but ended up being really good.

Today I had one of my favorite Fat Flush Plan tortillas (its a healthy tortilla without that usual taste. I love it because it is still really soft and chewy.) I spread some hummus and then put some sliced mushrooms and some West Soy Thai Sesame Peanut Baked Tofu. This tofu is the best! It doesn’t taste overly salty and it really taste marinated, rather that just patted with a bunch of flavor on the outside and then left cold and bland once you bite in. I love the texture, it is smooth and creamy, but still easily hold its shape when cut up! Finally, I love it because each package is portioned into four 90-100 calorie (depending on the flavor) perfect squares that always seem like the right amount! Finally I added in a bunch of romaine lettuce. It was a really good wrap. Well actually I ended up eating it more like a soft taco but hey, no big.

And on a final note, yesterday in my food science class we made marshmallows….FUN! Just thought I would share. I can add the recipe later!

Ok more later…back to work!

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