A little Cardio, a little muffin

I got sick :(. Last week was painful and I hadn’t felt that sick in a long time. So, knowing that the gym was going to be a painful experience after spending the week sitting and aching, I was feeling a little anxious and indecisive about my trip to the gym. So I hit up my Indecisive Cardio Workout. You can extend the time on each machine and challenge yourself more depending on how you are feeling. 
I started with about 5-7 minutes of warm up and ended with 5-7 minutes cool down to make a 40-45 minute workout!
I also have a new favorite snack. These non-fat bran muffins. I adapted the recipe from Nancy Silverton, changing a few things up a bit to make them fat free and a bit healthier. Perfect little snack, fiber, fiber, fiber and yummmmmm.

Fuel for that midday hump. Or I can’t wait to grab a cappuccino and head to the library with a muffin and my coffee 🙂
At the last minute I added in a spalsh of vanilla (1 tsp) and a sprinkle or two of cinnamon! Adjust to your liking!!
Because of the applesauce these are suuuuuper moist! BEWARE of moist deliciousness. 


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