When you start off the day with an awesome workout, there is almost no doubt that it is going to be a good day. I woke up without an alarm on Saturday, and luckily it was still rather early! I did pbfingers 45 Minute Beat Boredom Treadmill Workout. It pretty much did what the title said, it kept me majorly entertained, which says a lot considering I have a little bit of a problem with getting bored at the gym. It switched between inclines, sprinting, and jumping off the treadmill to do other exercises. Let me tell you, 6.0 feels like a slow jog after sprinting at 9.0!

This sweaty mess of a workout was followed by a trip to the indoor farmer’s market! My roomie and I went in together on some blueberry, cinnamon, walnut butter. YUM! It is like an oatmeal cookie in a jar. Lots of fun booths and good food.


Next, I packed some lunch, grabbed a coffee and went to my new favorite place ever…The local LIBRARY! I know I am a nerd, but they have loads of fun CDs to listen to, awesome desks to sit at, and you are surrounded by books, which is incredibly inspiring. I ended up spending like 3 hours there. I then checked out a movie and two books and the experience changed my life. I went up to the self check out, scanned my library card and then placed the three items on the glass plate and before I even really put the books down, the computer had read what the three items were and they were checked out. AMAZING. I really don’t know how it works but my mind was blown. I then proceeded to tell everyone I saw the rest of the night about the amazing library check out.



The day ended with a pizza party. I came home and Katie was busy making a bunch of pizza dough. And don’t worry…she kept it nice and warm and cozy in bed…


A bunch of friends came over and we made a few pizzas, which included a pesto/chicken/mozzarella pizza, a brussels sprout/goat cheese/caramelized onion pizza, and a zucchini/pecorino romano/arugula/balsamic pizza.




The day ended with a relaxing movie and then I was off to bed. Overall I would say it was a successful day.


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