Mind Blown

So I ended up taking a quick trip back to California this weekend…but more on that later. First, I need to talk about a few things I tried today that I L-O-V-E!

So I have tried freeze dried fruits before. They are great, tart and fun, but nothing I feel like I need in my life everyday. That is, until I tried Trader Joe’s freeze dried GRAPES! So good. Basically candy. They kind of stick to your teeth in a fun way and are tart but still sweet and they don’t have that chalky texture that freeze dried fruits usually have. I am in love. We went back to TJ’s today to grab some for me to take back to school (because…sigh…we don’t have TJ’s in Denver…YET!) and I had to try the freeze dried bananas. Which I also love, and they happen to pair perfectly with the grapes, yess! The bananas are a bit more chalky, but they are super flavorful and fun. Like eating bananas without getting sticky and gooey hands 🙂

So, just in case your mind has not been completely blown by the above, enter the most amazing corn tortillas I have ever had.

I apologize in advance, because I have absolutely no idea as to whether these are sold at all Whole Foods and grocery stores, but if you see them, please buy them. They are thick and doughy and chewy and soft and moist. They are a mix of corn and wheat so they aren’t super dry and they hold up, bend without cracking and are strong. I tore off a piece of one and immediately had to make lunch with them. It ended up being turkey, tomato, guac and mixed greens in a tortilla and it was incredible. Quite frankly though, I could have just eaten them plain (as in the whole bag of them… 😉

Sit tight, one more life changer to come. I might be a little late to the game with this one…

Thank you Cheerios for making a sweet and peanut buttery deliciousness that I will now need to have regularly around to snack on. Or I may need to prohibit them from entering the house due to the fact that they may not last more than two minutes. I will be snacking on these for dessert tonight…


What’s your favorite cereal?


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