Last Minute Trip to CaLi…why not?

This past weekend was my Grandma’s 87th birthday and for the first time in forever the whole family was flying/driving up to the Bay Area to be together and celebrate. On top of that, my oldest sister, brother and law, and nephews were moving to a new house about an hour away. This meant that they were exhausted and losing their minds, and the kids would be taking up residence at our house for a few days. My parents decided to call in reinforcements…enter Auntie “Barah” (Caleb is recently into rhyming, so goodbye Sarah and hello Barah)

I got a text on Tuesday explaining the weekend’s events and asking if I would like to come home because the whole family getting together might not happen again, or at least not for a long time. And let’s be honest, they really needed some help with some riled up boys that they would be watching over the weekend. After figuring everything out I booked a flight and arrived in Cali on Friday and had a whirlwind of a weekend, and caught a 6am flight back to Denver Monday morning.

I had an awesome weekend that actually felt like a week home rather than two days but left me rather exhausted. Though everything that went on was a blast, the best moment happened on Saturday morning. Friday night Hol and Mike stayed at the new house and the boys stayed at ours. On Saturday morning at about 6:50am I heard my door creaking open. I looked at the door and saw a very small little boy standing in the opening. It was my little 2-year-old nephew Luka. I don’t know what made him come to my room, but he did and I am so glad. I called him over and lifted him up and held him. He ended up falling asleep for another hour or so. I stayed awake, thinking about how much I love that little boy. I felt such protectiveness over him and kept holding him tight thinking how I would never let anything bad ever happen to him. I love being an Aunt! It was a super special moment that I will never forget.


 Once they were both awake, the chaos commenced. Blueberry pancakes, play, play, playing, running around, cookie making, and some more playing.



 Finally, Hol and Mike got back and I went with them to see the new house…

Which has this little beauty sitting in it…


We then played some more in the backyard which contains



How can you go wrong??

Oranges for dayzz!

That night was the party, which was super fun, but went really quickly. The next day I got to spend relaxing with my mom, walking through town, and enjoying the day.

It was a lovely weekend and I am so glad I got to go!

Done anything spontaneous recently?


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