Going Bagless

So I made the decision a while ago to stop buying plastic baggies and only use tupperware. I also gave up paper towels and use cloth napkins. I have loved it and feel like I am helping the environment (every bit counts right?) It has also saved me money by not having to keep buying bags (which ended up being more expensive than the few containers I bought) The only problem I am finding is…Image Tupperware takes up a bit more space. But hey, I can handle holding one more bag, I just have to work to make a little more space in the fridge at work. 🙂

As for the things that can fit into that wonderful little lunch baggie…

ImageI am a huge fan of the Rudi’s bagel thins. With almond or peanut butter they are delicious. Also, my favorite yogurt ever is Cascade Fresh (Don’t worry…Chobani is still my favorite Greek Yogurt, although I have to be honest, it is kind of the only one I have eaten, I suppose I will eventually have to give the other brands a chance.)


I heart salad


I am a bit obsessed with my salad container. It is even better now that I can fill it with goodies from Trader Joe’s sent by my lovely bestie Emily. I love their marinated mushrooms and their whole grain mustard literally makes everything taste better. It is somehow creamy, almost mayonnaise like but with the fun whole grainy texture and mustard flavor. Yum. I love adding brown rice to my salads and an herb always adds that extra flavor!


Oh and my new favorite….


Remember how I talked about those delicious corn and flour tortillas? My new favorite thing is spreading that delicious whole grain mustard all over one, layering on some applegate sliced chicken breast, sliced tomato, mixed green, garbanzo beans and parsley. YUM. So good. I highly recommend.

Ok more food later. There is something fun about packing your lunch for the day. Especially because lately I feel like I leave for school early in the morning and don’t get home until bedtime. I like knowing I have a good lunch and some fun snacks to get me through.

Oh and speaking of snacks (ok, I know I just said more on food later, but I am pretty sure everything I have to say will somehow revolve around food), I tried this the other day,


It was a raw bar and I really enjoyed it. It was this thin little bar made with pumpkin seeds and dates. It was perfect as a little pick me up to get me through to lunch. It is only 60 calories so it really just acts as that little burst of energy you need to keep you going (especially when sitting through biochemistry)

Speaking of Biochem (and food again)…ImageImage

Nothing like using candy hearts to learn about glycolysis.

And that pretty much sums up my valentine’s too. I guess biochem was my special Valentine this year…;)

What did you do for Valentine’s day?

What is your favorite thing to pack in your lunch?


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