10 Reasons To Smile

Happy March! As we enter into this lovely new month…here are 10 reasons I am smiling today (and why you should too!)

1. Sumo Mandarins are in season. These things are beyond incredible. They are these giant, easy to peel mandarins with the most incredible juicy sweetness. Best. Citrus. Ever. Go get one and you will be smiling too.Image


2. Corn Dogs are still delicious, especially when they come from trader joe’s. It doesn’t matter how old you are, eating a corn dog in the sunshine never gets old.



3. Coffee is wonderful, especially when enjoyed with the realization that you love what you study so much, you dive into the books even without an assignment and even when you are on break!


4. It is march, which means spring is around the corner!!
I think a woman I overheard while on my hike today said it best…

While walking in the 70 degree whether in California “I am just ready for spring to get here, I am over winter” I hate to say it, but I don’t even think you understand what winter is….. (I apologize for those who are still sitting in buckets of snow…spring will be here shortly!)

5. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun!

Sometimes you just need all the people you love to be sitting on a giant couch together.


6. Sometimes going on a date with yourself can be the cheapest form of therapy. Take some time for you and spend some time thinking, relaxing, doing something you love and in this crazy chaotic world, just be. Today I went for a hike for about 2 hours and I couldn’t stop smiling, it was so refreshing and really helped me clear my mind and reminded me that often it is the uncertainties in life that make it so exciting. Despite not really knowing what lies ahead right now, I am was able to smile and enjoy thinking about all the possibilities.




7. Healthy food can be delicious. Oh and kids can enjoy healthy alternatives too. (And if kids can like healthy food…so can you!!)

Yesterday I went to my sisters classroom to teach her students about healthy options. The eighth graders are reading “Chew on This”, a book about the fast food industry. Together we made some dips with greek yogurt and some fresh soda with fruit and they tried some different vegetarian options.

The seventh graders were learning about poetry, so we did a blind tasting with different vegetables and then wrote poems about the experience using figurative language!

Today I received a lovely little thank you note from all the classes and it warmed my heart and made me excited to see that they enjoyed it and actually liked some of the healthier alternatives!! One student even thanked me for the fennel!

My favorite moment of yesterday was seeing the shock on the face of a student when he realized he had blindly tasted a green bean and liked it (he thought he hated them…he looked like I had somehow tricked him…nope those things are just naturally that delicious!)


8. No matter how old I get, my dad is still protective…well sort of…

Me: I am going to go hike around the reservoir

Dad: Really? Be careful there have been a lot of people jumping out and attacking hikers.

Me: ? ok

Dad: Do you feel like you are ready to fight them off?

Me: Ya I mean I guess with the adrenaline..

Dad: Ok, well I shouldn’t make you paranoid, have fun…

Gotta love conversations with Billiam. Any good conversations lately that have made you smile?

9. Ben Rector starts his tour this month!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t listen to Ben Rector yet, you should.

10. You are beautiful, and wonderful, and oh so loved. So you should smile!


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