Kale for Days and a Little Preparation

A new schedule has allowed me a bit more freedom. I am really trying to be better about eating meals that contain awesome ingredients. I decided to focus on a few ingredients each week and choose recipes that highlight these particular ingredients. This week was Kale, Cauliflower and Eggs!

On Wednesday I prepped everything for the week. I don’t know why I have never done this before, seeing as it makes the rest of the week a million times easier.


From about an hour in the kitchen I got:

-Hard boiled eggs

-Eggs salad made with a little greek yogurt, parsley, salt and pepper

-Baked sweet potato

-Chopped and sliced onions

-A TON of kale chopped

-Chopped parsley

-Soup/Stew found here

-A tone of broccoli ready to go

So far though, this week my new favorite thing has been the sauteed Kale salads I have been having:

I always start by sauteing some onion in olive oil. I then toss in my kale and add some champagne vinegar, salt and pepper and continue until it is slightly wilted.

My first salad was super bright and delicious with sunflower seeds, chopped broccoli, feta and grapefruit. I added the broccoli in and sauteed it with kale mix and then added the sunflower seeds and feta in at the last minute and topped with the grapefruit.


This made for the perfect lunch with some crackers, hummus and apple slices…


That one was delicious, but the one I had later in the week was beyond incredible with lots of onion, roasted and salted sunflower seeds, hard boiled egg…yum


With a little bit of soup…sooo good 🙂


All in all prepping your food ahead of time is the best idea ever. When everything is ready to go in the fridge it inspires you to actually make real meals. Who knew?!

On another not, I can’t stop singing along to Andy Grammer…my personal favorites are “The Pocket” and “Ladies”… any songs stuck in your head lately?


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