Work it out

So I recently got a text from my mom asking for some recommendations for workout DVDs. Seeing as I am a big fan of videos (don’t have to leave the house or look like a human being to complete…although I rarely care what I look like when working out…sorry world) I did some research.

I am a big fan of Gaiam. I posted about the pilates video here. So I found a walking video from Gaiam and my mom said it is a good one.

However, my new favorite work out DVD is my YogaWorks DVD. Honestly, these videos are the best (I think within the fam we own all of them now :)) The instructors are super knowledgeable and they challenge you gently but respect the body and its limits. They also carry you through nicely and really describe what is happening (like they are always telling you shaking is good=burning calories and when things are getting difficult they remind you to smile) It is peaceful but challenging and I love it.

My mom bought the beginning yoga DVD and is enjoying it.

For those of you who hate working out, I would encourage going online and finding something that appeals to you (possibly like the ones listed above :)) It is a great way to get in a workout in any weather and at any time without having to purchase a gym membership or leave the comfort of your home. I swear the yoga and pilates videos give you more energy (and any form of exercise really)

Just take it at your own pace and don’t be intimidated.


Speaking of healthy and lovely, for Giorgia’s Birthday we went to TrueFoods Kitchen in Denver and we all loved it!picstitchWe all split the entire meal. We started with a caramelized onion, mushroom and gorgonzola tart that was super garlicky and flavorful. Next we shared a delicious salad with butternut squash, apple, goat cheese, pomegranate and an awesome vinaigrette. We all agreed that the pomegranates were the stars and added that perfect little punch when you weren’t expecting it. It was also really nice because they split up the salad onto three separate plates so we could each have our own nicely plated salad. Next we had the butternut squash pizza topped with arugula. I loved it and though I m not always a pizza fan, when it comes out of a wood fired oven, there is not stopping me.

Finally, birthdays call for dessert (good excuse right…more like all meals call for dessert)

We finished off with an apple and mulberry crumble with a maple ice cream. Oh and a (fat free so healthy…;)) lemon and ginger frozen yogurt with candied lemon rind. (No picture…I think we downed it too quickly.)

After a few bites of crumble, we realized that Katie didn’t like mulberries. Suddenly Giorgia and I noticed that most of the crumble was missing and that we had been consuming a whole lotta mulberries. Note To Self…when sharing a dessert make sure everyone likes all components of dessert 😉

Everything tasted super fresh and healthy. I left feeling good and satisfied!

Well that’s all for now.



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