Call me crazy, but I think “congratulations” are in order for everyone because today marks the last day of winter. So, let me be the first to wish you a HAPPY SPRING. We made it.

OK, I know that just because the calendar says it is Spring, the weatherman won’t necessarily agree, but at least when it does snow again I can think “hm this is weird, it is spring” rather than my usual “UGH when will winter be over????”

I got my first taste of spring coming this weekend. I got into my car after teaching my elective and had to text my roomie a multiple pictures of the temperature in my car. Image

Yes! 81 degrees…here we go. OK so the next day is was cloudy and rainy and snow is in the forecast but still… we can dream. After such a beautiful day, I saw this on pinterest and chuckled and sighed simultaneously….


Pretty much true.

Anywho, enough about the weather.

Saturday has become “baking day” for Giorgia and I. We have a supper group we attend Saturday night that we have to bring something to anyways so we figure, why not dedicate the whole day to comfy clothes, movies and baking?

The theme for this week was St. Patrick’s Day/ Irish food (I know…who would have guessed?) So I tackled Irish Soda Bread while Giorgia made biscuits (because who doesn’t want biscuits?) We had been meaning to make some soft pretzels and finally did it.

(And all of this may or may not have happened whilst watching High School Musical…? Oh and later that night we watched Pitch Perfect which we decided is basically like high school musical in college, or College Musical I guess… just a bit better different.)

I used EatLiveRun’s recipe for Irish Soda Bread and it was a hit!



We had some oven problems with the biscuits along with some butter leakage but they were still delicious.


The pretzels were really fun. We used this recipe and it was perfect. We only dipped the pretzels in the baking soda bath for about 20 seconds or less though.

We made some pretzels and some nuggets…

Beautiful soft nuggets of warm dough 🙂


We did some poppy seed, Image

 some sesame seed (my favorite)




some saltedImage


and of course some cinnamon sugar delicousness.Image

Another fun day. I am excited to see what we will try this Saturday.


What have you been meaning to make lately? Had any major disasters in the kitchen lately?




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