WIAW (but on thursday…)

I really love What I Ate Wednesday  (WIAW). It is so fun to see what everyone has in a day and I feel like it gives me a lot of ideas so i am going to start participating. And why not start a day late….so here is my first WIAWT

I started my day a bit indecisive. Peanut butter and banana toast, oatmeal, cereal (although I can’t have cereal right now because I gave processed cereals up for lent due to my slight addiction, I still think of it longingly each morning as a possible option.) I decided the only way to decide was to avoid making a decision and just have all three…

So I had toateral? Peanut butter and banana oatmeal with cold almond milk poured on top. Everything I was looking for.


After running around in the morning and working for a while it was time for a snack so I had some of my favorite non Greek yogurt (cascade fresh) and some slivered almond.


When I got home I had computer brain. Basically I felt like I had been staring at a screen for too long. I was also beyond sore. On Monday I did a bunch of squats, crunches and push ups (ok the girly kind) and my favorite Gaiam pilates video. Later in the night my friends and I decided to go to a new PiYo class they were holding on campus. Why not do a little more pilates and yoga right. OMG this should be called Insane Crazy Kill Every Muscle PiYo. It was intense. Then Tuesday was ZUMBA. By Wednesday I was really feeling the pain and I needed to relax. I made up a delicious sandwich and then Giorgia and I sat and watched Slumdog millionaire.


I toasted up some sesame ezekial bread and then smeared on some lemon garlic hummus (so Good), some shredded lettuce (makes everything better), sliced tomatoes and some mushrooms and onions sauteed in balsamic vinegar.



This was followed by an apple a bit later.

After heading back to school, hanging up posters for a showing of MissRepresentation (more on that later) and Bible Study, it was back home for breakfast soft tacos!



Two corn tortillas with scrambled egg, shredded lettuce, tomato, black bean and sour cream (using up some delicious leftovers that were passed on to us…so thankful!)

A little later I was feeling like one more treat, something warm,


I microwaved some frozen peaches, sprinkled on some cinnamon and sugar and some crushed up graham bears. Hit the spot, basically like a mini pie. Perfect.

And then it was off to bed.




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