Aaaannnd…welcome back winter.


Umm…sooo whathappenedhere???




I would very much appreciate if there were a 0 added to that number. OKthankyou

Yesterday spring was like, “hey, I’ve been here for less than a week, time for me to go on a break.” Thus, winter came back with a vengeance.

This meant Giorgia and I were stuck inside all day, which is never a good thing for me. After sitting and watching TV for a few hours in PJs we decided that we needed to get to work. This meant clearing out the living room and finding the Just Dance videos on youtube and looking like fools dancing around the apartment. After about an hour or so of that, we lunched, skyped, watched apple movie trailers, took warm showers and then braved the snow to go to supper group.

After a nice meal with friends, we grabbed a movie and our friend Meg came over for a Saturday Sleepover! With Hot Chocolate, and bread pudding made out of leftover pastries, we sat in the warmth and watched Trouble With The Curve.  It was a cute and lighthearted movie. (We also got Taken 2 which we will be watching later…wohoo)

We rose rather early this morning to head out to Jelly once again before church.




ImageOh ya, cappuccino and breakfast on the way. Happy place.


We all went in on an order of their donuts. We decided to get four different ones so we could give a bunch of them a shot. We went with the Thai, Lemon Curd, Bhakti Chai, and Maple Bacon.

The Thai has siracha and peanut butter filling or something. We tried that one first and it was intense. Literally tasted like an eggroll in donut form. Wasn’t my thing. Interesting to say the least. It took me a while before I was able to fully cleanse my palate and move on. Maple and bacon was like breakfast in a bite, the chai was super spicy and delicious, and the lemon curd was lemon curd…need I say more?

ImageI went with the basic breakfast because you can’t go to Jelly without somehow eating lots of jelly. Two poached eggs, toast and jelly and some fantastic potatoes. YUM.

This picture makes me look really clean but you should have seen my seat after. Somehow I was a bit of a hot mess during this breakfast. Sour cream on my sleeve while taking a picture, coffee down my coat, flooded the table with soy milk from my coffee, and crumbs everywhere. I did my best to clean up, leaving a beautiful wadded napkin centerpiece. Woops. Luckily we had the same amazing waitress as last time and she was super sweet about it all!

Any other messy eaters out there?

Hopefully the snow will go away and spring will come back soon. Until then, more movies and hot drinks I guess.


Have an awesome Sunday!



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