I was reallllllllyyy bad about taking pictures of my food this week. That may be because I feel like I was on repeat mode and just ate things I have posted about already.

I started my day with a delicious bowl of oatmeal and an apple. I have been in a breakfast rut lately. I think I am just craving the one thing I can’t have and nothing is satisfying me otherwise (cereal…Sunday we are planning on having a cereal tasting breakfast for Easter morning!) However, when I get in a rut I have to simplify. Sometimes I fancy up my oatmeal so much that I forget how good it can be when you just leave it be. So I just did oats, raisins and a bit of brown sugar and it was perfect.
No pictures really needed for that meal I guess…

As a snack at work I had one of my new favorite granola bars;


We had someone from Udi’s come and speak at our school and they handed out some cards for free products. I decided to give their granola bars a try. I bought the Ancient Grains and Cranberry Almond. At first I wasn’t sure whether or not I liked them (I had put my lunch in the fridge and ate the bar cold and it was a bit hard and I didn’t know if I loved it) Once I tried them again I really enjoyed them and now they are becoming one of my favorites because they are super hardy and chewy and delicious. I would highly recommend them.

Sitting at work and doing nothing makes me hungry…idontknowwhybutitdoes. So when I did get home I was more than ready for lunch! I am slowly trying to get myself to enjoy fish. A while back I bought a can of tuna and I decided it was finally time to crack it open. I made myself a tuna salad sandwich with tomato, lettuce, onion, carrot and some sunflower seeds and ate it with some carrot sticks on the side. Helllllooooo Omega-3s, it’s about time!


I snapped a picture right before slamming the two sides together and chowing down. Afterwards I needed something sweet so I went for half an apple and half an orange.


I packed up and headed back to school to fit in a quick workout, study with a friend, meet to talk more about MissRepresentation (I will get to this soon) and go to Bible Study. When I got home it was late and I was hungry and heading towards hangry and was thankful for my prep work and the food I still had waiting for me in the fridge, making it easy to throw together a delicious meal.

I had an ultimate comfort food (in my opinion). It is what I like to call “rice-a-creamy” a.k.a any rice with sour cream and cheese to make for super deliciousness.



Tonight’s Rice-A-Creamy

3/4 cup cooked wild rice

1/2 cup broccoli roasted

1/4 cup cooked chicken breast

1 mushroom sauteed with a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce

2 tbsp mozzarella

1 tbsp grated Parmesan

1 tbsp sour cream

1 tbsp avocado

Salt and pepper (I also added garlic and onion to my rice when I cooked it so if you would like to add some of that…go for it!)

Basically heat everything up in a pan and let the cheese get all melty and top with sour cream

Yes please!


Now I am snacking some apple, finishing up some studying and reading and heading to bed.

Yay Wednesday…Thursday here we come!



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