A few months back my friend and I went to a conference where they showed the movie MissRepresentation. We were incredibly inspired and decided to work to get our school to purchase it so that we could show it on campus. This past Friday we had our first viewing and discussion of the movie.

MissRepresentation is a movie that focuses on how women are misrepresented in the media. It really dives into how this prevents women from taking themselves seriously and from being taken seriously.

As hundreds of screen shots of scantily clad, violated, ditzy, overly thin women flash across the screen you realize how we are completely surrounded by this stereotype of what a woman should be. The media has literally created (thank you photoshop) the so called “ideal” woman, defined in a body, that is an ideal no woman can actually attain, and yet we all strive for it. It is amazing how television will stop at nothing to provide the most shockingly sexy television shows, movies, magazine covers etc. As I continue on in life I realize how basically every woman is suffering from some sort of self esteem issue, fighting against some eating disorders, hating themselves, hating their bodies, and sitting back and taking it, striving to have the flat tummy, or “thigh gap” or perfectly sculpted arms. Since when is this beautiful?

As someone who has struggled with all of the above issues, it is important to me to advocate for love and respect. It is time for us as women to love ourselves, and respect and love one another no matter what size our jeans are. It is also time to change the standard men are called to. To be a real man you don’t have to be crude, overly macho, or abusive to women.

This is a topic that is highly relevant and something that has to change but I am struggling with how. How to we make a change. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas. As for now all I know is that I can start by constantly striving to love myself and love others for WHO we are and what we are capable of rather than what we look like.

There is also a campaign Missrepresentation is heading up call #notbuyingit. If you have a twitter account or facebook you can post when you see something that you don’t agree with. Whether it be an advertisement or commercial that shows women that are just too skinny, something that is extremely violating or disturbing,  or anything else,just post #notbuyingit with a reference to what it is you are refusing to buy into. (For example: those Carl’s Jr. commercials)

That’s all for now. Please comment with any thought or ideas, etc.


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