Nikki Noodle

Well, my sissy was visiting this past week and let. me. tell. you. it is VERY hard to focus on school/work/life/blog/anythingelseintheworld when your sister is present and in relaxation/vacation/springbreakmode. So no, I didn’t do my usual food prep last week, no, I haven’t been remembering meals or keeping track of recipes, and yes, I have been enjoying many meals out and wonderful indulgences. But everyone needs that every once in a while right :)?

What I have learned from all of this indulgence in the past week or so is this:

I am definitely lactose intolerant (ok probably not the deep insight you were looking for but oh well…) Rather than a “special occasion” thing, froyo has become more of a “regular outing” thing. Cheese has entered its way back into my diet in full force…



Oh and I might have had one or two three or five bites of this very milky shake… (I might have even had a few bites of the cake despite me “not liking chocolate” because that is definitely starting to change.


So, all that has made for a rather upset stomach. So, while it was fun, cheesy and delicious, it is time for be to get back on the “yogurt as the only for of dairy” train for a while so that I can feel good again. (in case you were wondering…yogurt is much easier to digest and even if you have problems with lactose most can still handle yogurt…although even that hasn’t been the best lately :()

Other than that, it has been another great week full of sunshine. Nicole and I went to Steuben’s for the infamous Gravy Fries (see above), she came to class with me, (and endured some very looooong classes, thanks to pinterest…)

Imagewe hit up Zumba (ooobbvvvioussly)


we made dinner and had it in front of a movie (yum fritattas…my obsession as of late!)



…and then…

We got to spend the day at the spa!



Thanks Mom!!

After the spa we went to Udi’s and split an apple and brie sandwich and a mango chicken and goat cheese salad (see what I mean with the cheese?)


We then went to my favorite bookstore and sat and looked at magazines. Wonderful day. Later that night we hit up D Bar for a Cake and Shake.


The next day she was off and it was all over sooner than it began.

I would say it was a good trip though 🙂

What is your favorite treat/indulgence/snackthatmakesyoufeelsickbutyoueatanyways?



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