Figuring Things Out

Talk about a break from blogging.

With my crazy end of the year schedule, something had to give, which meant less time to post on the blog. Ok, more like NO time to post on the blog. Hence the long break.

Besides just being crazy busy with the end of the school year/graduating/moving/figuringoutsummer/life, I think I got a little confused by the blog world.

I love blogging. All aspects of it.

I love…

looking at blogs,

reading blogs,

hearing about blogs,

supporting blogs,

writing on my blog,

saying and typing the word blog…

It is an awesome release and a great way to connect with other people that share a similar interest.

However, I think I got a bit caught up in the whole “health blog” thing and started feeling this pressure to take pictures of everything I ate and exercise in a health blog way and I stopped liking it. I have come to the conclusion that I just don’t want to be that type of blog because it is just not the best thing for me personally.

I needed to take time and decide whether I wanted to keep blogging and if so I needed to decide where to take this blog.

I really do want to keep blogging. I have missed it over the past months but I am sort of restructuring it. For me, that means sharing my expertise in food and thoughts on nutrition, but not showing every meal I eat. That means sharing about life in general, what I am up to, that means sharing about things in life that don’t relate to food and fitness, and most importantly, that means NOT preparing for, signing up for, or attempting to be a marathon runner 😉 (I feel like that is now a qualification for all blogs these days but alas…not me, but congrats to all that love it!)

Honestly I think this is my way of just committing myself to approaching blogging/my blog/reading other blogs in a different way.

So I am backing up, starting over, restructuring my mind so that I can really enjoy this little blog, and I hope you will too.



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