Things I am LUh-HUV-VING

A few things I am really loving as of recent:


1. My Toms. I put some miles on these suckers the other day. Literally walked all around San Fran and probably would not have made it without them. I feel like I could wear them forever, but I have to take them off (even though the world would probably appreciate it if I just kept them on my feet…It was a hooooot day in the bay)


2. Rainbow Grocery. If you haven’t been go. If you have been, go again. An amazing coop run grocery store. Lots of fun and a lot of things I have to try unfortunately though I was traveling by foot when I visited (see above) and didn’t actually purchase anything but rather just explored. Next time for sure.

3. Heath Ceramics-I walked the ferry building today and fell in love with the dishware here. There were these beautiful bowls and amazing coffee mugs…etc. I was tempted to buy one, or a few but I have a few problems here…No man, no money, no reason. Let me explain. 1. I am no where near being married (there is a slight detail that still needs to be worked out before that happens…) so the whole gift registration/building a life together excuse to buy beautiful dishware is out  2. I just graduated, and am now a broke college student unemployed. So $50 bowl ain’t gonna make the budget  3. I packed up my stuff and moved home, so there is really no reason why I would need beautiful ceramic dishware at this time in my life #justcryforme



4. Acme Olive Bread. I love bread. I have eaten a lot of bread. There is a lot of great bread out there. Tartine is BOMB. Homemade rosemary bread is incredible. Warm brioche and challah out of the oven in labs is really just beyond good. However, I have decided that my all time favorite bread is Acme’s olive bread. It is The. Best. Bread. Literally so salty and chewy and tender and flavorful. GAH I love it.


5. Gardens. Blackberries right off the vine. We went to my grandparents this weekend to celebrate my Grandpa’s birthday. This included some time with the g-parents outside in the sun, some delicious pasta dinner, scrumptious birthday cake (thankfully I basically am my grandpa so I knew I would like his choice in cake…I ended up making him a vanilla cake with strawberries and whipped cream yum) But the best part of visiting my Grandparents house at this time of year is getting to see my grandma’s garden when the blackberries are ripe. My grandma kept asking us if we wanted to get a bowl to put them in so we could take some home with us but we couldn’t stop stuffing our face long enough to answer her and quite frankly, by the time we attacked, there were no more to pick. Later we noticed my mom had purple fingers, proving her guilt as a berry snatcher.


I will leave you with some cake…


Happy 45th 😉 Birthday Grandpa



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