Hopping on the Salad Wagon









When it is hotter than h-e-double hockey sticks outside, all I crave is smoothies, watermelon and salad. After seeing all the delicious posts of salads that have been popping up lately, I decided to go for it and made a few rather delicious salads for myself. (And I figured it is often frowned upon to literally eat a whole watermelon by yourself in one day, so a salad would have to do.) The above salad topped out at numero uno for my all time favorite as of later. Here’s the list:

A bunch of romaine lettuce

1 hard boiled egg mashed up

2/3 cup green beans

2 slices salami (columbus Italian aged reduced sodium is what we have hanging out in the fridge)

1 small red potato

A little bit of red onion.

Topped with about 1 tbsp bbq sauce mixed with around 1 tsp of sour cream..

I added some olive oil to a saute pan and put the potatoes in until they got nice and golden brown. I then dropped a tablespoon or so of water in the pan and covered them to allow them to steam. I only had frozen green beans so I added those into the pan to cook with the potatoes, followed by all the other ingredients and then threw it all on top of the lettuce.


oh ya.

Number two look like an everything but the kitchen sink kind of salad:

ImageCarrots, baby red bell peppers, red onion, marinated mushrooms, frozen meatballs from costco, a big dollop of hummus and some ORZO SALAD with a bunch of lemon juice and chamapgne vinegar thrown on top.

I know…I put a salad on top of another salad. So while the whole salad itself was rather tasty, this orzo salad is fabulous and is definitely a replacement for any pasta salad.

Oh and it’s really easy

All you have to do is boil a box of orzo. Once it is cooked mix in about a cup of your favorite vinaigrette (my mom loves champagne vinaigrette, but I have done a balsamic vinaigrette and loved it equally as much) Now you can let that marinate overnight to soak in all the goodness and cooooool down.

But for those of us who are a bitlesspatient

Just start adding everything else in

Chop some tomatoes (or sun dried tomatoes) and toss ’em in

Slice some kalamata olives

Sprinkle some feta into the mix

Chiffonade some basil (roll it up and slice thinly) or be less fancy and chop the heck out of it (with, of course, the much earned respect this delicious herb deserves)

A little salt and a little pepper

And grab a spoon.

Maybe go into your room and put up the “do not disturb sign”

Just kidding…

kind of.


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