Saturday Spotlight

I had to pick up some milk and a few things to make some banana cream pie for my dad’s birthday the other day. It was getting close to lunch time and I was at Trader Joe’s so I thought I would go for the “semi-homemade” approach (oh Sandra Lee). I grabbed their Spicy Ranchero Egg White Salad and I loved it.

Usually the thought of cold egg whites is not super appetizing to me. (Yum…rubbery, flavorless protein) I mean, egg salads need the yolk, but honestly you don’t really notice that they are missing based on flavor, which is awesome. I mean, I wouldn’t oppose to a few yolks solely for that added creaminess, but this has a nice spice kick (but not overbearing) and I would definitely recommend it!


I enjoyed it on Ezekiel bread,with sprouts, tomato and red onion, yum.

The next day I added it to a salad which was awesome!

ImageWith red bell pepper, tomato, red onion and my favorite tortilla with hummus. Oh ya! The egg salad comes with a lot of sauce which ended up acting as my salad dressing.

I will have to look at the ingredients and try to re create it myself (and maybe add in a few yokes!)


Potato, Potata


Just dropping in with a really simple and delicious recipe for some lemon and herb roasted potatoes!


2 cups diced potatoes

1 lemon

1 tablespoon olive oil

2 tbsp chopped herbs

2 cloves minced garlic

Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 375-400 degrees. Toss the potatoes in the juice of half of the lemon. Slice the other half of the lemon and mix in with the potatoes. Add the olive oil, herbs, garlic, salt and pepper to the potatoes and toss to mix.I used rosemary, oregano and basil because we had all of them in the backyard. You can pretty much use anything you want! However I do love lemon with these three herbs, or you could just choose on of the three to really spotlight it!

Lay out on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper and roast in the oven for about 20 minutes. I like to put my potatoes in a cold oven so that they could through evenly and are nice and tender on the inside. You can also soak your potatoes in cold water prior to making these and that is supposed to help create a crispy outside and creamy interior. Or you can just pop them in the hot oven and let them go!

Just a quick and easy recipe for some summer potatoes. We served them alongside turkey burgers! Yum yum.


So many things to celebrate lately!


Happy Graduation to me!

My fam got to come to Denver to celebrate graduation. I love that city so much and it was fun to eat some great food and play around the city for the weekend. I then packed up my life in the back of my car and drove toomanyhoursinthecar back to California. It was a fun weekend, but sad at the same time. It’s over and I miss everyone already. Now what?!?Image

Happy Father’s Day!

We spent our day celebrating all the dads in the family. First we grabbed peet’s coffee with my sis, brother in law and the nephewwws. After celebrating my dad and Mike we headed across the bay to celebrate my grandpa! We enjoyed our time with the family, eating sandwiches at the picnic table in my grandparents backyard. My grandpa was on fire and had us laughing the whole time. It was a gorgeous day in the bay, and I am so thankful for the incredible view from their house. Amazing.


Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad’s birthday was the day after father’s day this year so that meant we just kept on celebrating. Banana cream pie, movie, dinners. It’s a constant party with the folks below…ImageImage

Finally…HAPPY SUMMER! The season is officially here. Yay…..



Things I am LUh-HUV-VING

A few things I am really loving as of recent:


1. My Toms. I put some miles on these suckers the other day. Literally walked all around San Fran and probably would not have made it without them. I feel like I could wear them forever, but I have to take them off (even though the world would probably appreciate it if I just kept them on my feet…It was a hooooot day in the bay)


2. Rainbow Grocery. If you haven’t been go. If you have been, go again. An amazing coop run grocery store. Lots of fun and a lot of things I have to try unfortunately though I was traveling by foot when I visited (see above) and didn’t actually purchase anything but rather just explored. Next time for sure.

3. Heath Ceramics-I walked the ferry building today and fell in love with the dishware here. There were these beautiful bowls and amazing coffee mugs…etc. I was tempted to buy one, or a few but I have a few problems here…No man, no money, no reason. Let me explain. 1. I am no where near being married (there is a slight detail that still needs to be worked out before that happens…) so the whole gift registration/building a life together excuse to buy beautiful dishware is out  2. I just graduated, and am now a broke college student unemployed. So $50 bowl ain’t gonna make the budget  3. I packed up my stuff and moved home, so there is really no reason why I would need beautiful ceramic dishware at this time in my life #justcryforme



4. Acme Olive Bread. I love bread. I have eaten a lot of bread. There is a lot of great bread out there. Tartine is BOMB. Homemade rosemary bread is incredible. Warm brioche and challah out of the oven in labs is really just beyond good. However, I have decided that my all time favorite bread is Acme’s olive bread. It is The. Best. Bread. Literally so salty and chewy and tender and flavorful. GAH I love it.


5. Gardens. Blackberries right off the vine. We went to my grandparents this weekend to celebrate my Grandpa’s birthday. This included some time with the g-parents outside in the sun, some delicious pasta dinner, scrumptious birthday cake (thankfully I basically am my grandpa so I knew I would like his choice in cake…I ended up making him a vanilla cake with strawberries and whipped cream yum) But the best part of visiting my Grandparents house at this time of year is getting to see my grandma’s garden when the blackberries are ripe. My grandma kept asking us if we wanted to get a bowl to put them in so we could take some home with us but we couldn’t stop stuffing our face long enough to answer her and quite frankly, by the time we attacked, there were no more to pick. Later we noticed my mom had purple fingers, proving her guilt as a berry snatcher.


I will leave you with some cake…


Happy 45th 😉 Birthday Grandpa


Figuring Things Out

Talk about a break from blogging.

With my crazy end of the year schedule, something had to give, which meant less time to post on the blog. Ok, more like NO time to post on the blog. Hence the long break.

Besides just being crazy busy with the end of the school year/graduating/moving/figuringoutsummer/life, I think I got a little confused by the blog world.

I love blogging. All aspects of it.

I love…

looking at blogs,

reading blogs,

hearing about blogs,

supporting blogs,

writing on my blog,

saying and typing the word blog…

It is an awesome release and a great way to connect with other people that share a similar interest.

However, I think I got a bit caught up in the whole “health blog” thing and started feeling this pressure to take pictures of everything I ate and exercise in a health blog way and I stopped liking it. I have come to the conclusion that I just don’t want to be that type of blog because it is just not the best thing for me personally.

I needed to take time and decide whether I wanted to keep blogging and if so I needed to decide where to take this blog.

I really do want to keep blogging. I have missed it over the past months but I am sort of restructuring it. For me, that means sharing my expertise in food and thoughts on nutrition, but not showing every meal I eat. That means sharing about life in general, what I am up to, that means sharing about things in life that don’t relate to food and fitness, and most importantly, that means NOT preparing for, signing up for, or attempting to be a marathon runner 😉 (I feel like that is now a qualification for all blogs these days but alas…not me, but congrats to all that love it!)

Honestly I think this is my way of just committing myself to approaching blogging/my blog/reading other blogs in a different way.

So I am backing up, starting over, restructuring my mind so that I can really enjoy this little blog, and I hope you will too.