I have been non-stop partying the past couple days…



So I went over to my nephew’s house bright and early yesterday and while the parents were away, the kids played and played and played.

When I got their, Dad was already at work and we quickly pushed mom out the door so that our day together could begin.

We played with all our toys.

Made Granola bars


Played inside some more.

Stopped for many needed snacks.

Built train tracks. This is when things got crazy, the ambulance had to come because a car got stuck on the train tracks…


Played in the backyard

Packed lunches and headed to the park for a picnic


(oh yes….we are definitely related)

Played in the sandbox


Came home and read books.

And finally…NAPPED!

This is when mommy got home and then round two of sister/nephew fun began, which included…

The beginning of an amazing soccer career/just a good time out on the field kicking some balls with some kids!


More park play time with mom and dad


Caleb and Luka drove the fire truck while somehow Hol, Mike and I all ended up in the back…




Running, shopping, smoothies


and this all made for two tuckered out little boys


Overall, I would say it was a successful sleepover!


I need a waiting room…

Last weekend (I am playing catch up here, I will get to this crazy past weekend soon!) I watched Downton Abbey for the first time and I loved it.

Giorgia and I had been planning on having a sushi night for quite sometime. I teach a cooking elective at a local elementary school and I made spring rolls with the kids last Friday. This inspired Giorgia and I to finally order some sushi and roll our own spring rolls and watch some Downton Abbey. We ordered some salmon and avocado rolls and shrimp and asparagus rolls. We also got this wonderful crab salad with avocado, tomatoes and an awesome dressing. We were both rolling some spring rolls when we hear a knock at the door. We were surprised to find the delivery man on the otherside (how he got into the apartment building I don’t know, but I don’t mind seeing as this made for the ultimate lazy gourmet sushi night without having to change out of my pjs or leave the apartment.)


In case you have never made spring rolls…here is what you do.

Take your rice paper and put it in a bowl of warm water until soft and pliable (about a minute)

Lay on a cutting board and fill with lettuce, jicama, cucumber, carrot, mint, cilantro, basil, mushrooms…or whatever you would like

Roll up tight like a burrito.

Slice in half, dip in soy sauce or sweet chili sauce, or peanut sauce or whatever you want sauce and enjoy!



Once we started watching we were hooked. I think our favorite part is the fact that they sit in a waiting room before being called to dinner. Oh to be rich in England in the 1900s. When (If) I do finally buy a house, it will need to have a waiting room.

The next morning was Meg’s birthday and we celebrated at the most wonderful coffee shop around town. STELLA’s. I finally got my fill of amazing milk foam…it had been too long.


Their foam makes for the best mustaches


And paired with some delicious birthday cinnamon rolls, you just can’t go wrong…


After that it was off to Church. The perfect Sunday!


When you start off the day with an awesome workout, there is almost no doubt that it is going to be a good day. I woke up without an alarm on Saturday, and luckily it was still rather early! I did pbfingers 45 Minute Beat Boredom Treadmill Workout. It pretty much did what the title said, it kept me majorly entertained, which says a lot considering I have a little bit of a problem with getting bored at the gym. It switched between inclines, sprinting, and jumping off the treadmill to do other exercises. Let me tell you, 6.0 feels like a slow jog after sprinting at 9.0!

This sweaty mess of a workout was followed by a trip to the indoor farmer’s market! My roomie and I went in together on some blueberry, cinnamon, walnut butter. YUM! It is like an oatmeal cookie in a jar. Lots of fun booths and good food.


Next, I packed some lunch, grabbed a coffee and went to my new favorite place ever…The local LIBRARY! I know I am a nerd, but they have loads of fun CDs to listen to, awesome desks to sit at, and you are surrounded by books, which is incredibly inspiring. I ended up spending like 3 hours there. I then checked out a movie and two books and the experience changed my life. I went up to the self check out, scanned my library card and then placed the three items on the glass plate and before I even really put the books down, the computer had read what the three items were and they were checked out. AMAZING. I really don’t know how it works but my mind was blown. I then proceeded to tell everyone I saw the rest of the night about the amazing library check out.



The day ended with a pizza party. I came home and Katie was busy making a bunch of pizza dough. And don’t worry…she kept it nice and warm and cozy in bed…


A bunch of friends came over and we made a few pizzas, which included a pesto/chicken/mozzarella pizza, a brussels sprout/goat cheese/caramelized onion pizza, and a zucchini/pecorino romano/arugula/balsamic pizza.




The day ended with a relaxing movie and then I was off to bed. Overall I would say it was a successful day.