And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Genesis 1:3


I love to explore the beauties and wonders of God’s creation! I am far from being a “photographer” and I often lack the creative eye it takes to get a really good shot. However, on all my ventures I do my very best to capture the beauty, intrigue, and humor that surrounds us in this world.


I love to travel. Anywhere…anytime. I can only hope that in the future I get to explore more and more new places. Here are a few of my favorites….




If you have never been to New England in the fall, stop what you are doing and book a ticket or plan a road trip because it is BEAUTIFUL. I was fortunate enough to spend a semester in Vermont and enjoy the beauty that comes in the form of changing leaves. But it doesn’t end there, even as the snow comes, beauty is abundant.



My sister studied abroad in Bristol, England during her spring semester, so when summer rolled around I hopped on a plane to meet up and backpack around Europe with her.

Here are some of the highlights from the trip and some of my favorite places ever!





Before leaving for my trip, I didn’t even really consider Bristol one of my destinations. This was just where I would meet my sister so that we could head out on other adventures. To my surprise I ended up loving it, and it was definitely one of my favorite places (although I would probably say that about all the places I visited :))


 It was full of awesome Banksy art which was really cool to see.













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