Despite my love of all fruit, for some reason the apple seems to be my all time favorite. It must stem from my grandfather, who like me, keeps a good fuji around at all times and is living proof that an apple a day really does keep the doctor away. The apple seems to provide me with everything I need; it is crisp, sweet, juicy, filling, versatile, healthy and always satisfying. No matter what time or day it is, I can almost guarantee you that I am in the mood for an apple.

So all this talk about apples leads me to my first post. Where better to begin than with the all American apple pie. Ever since I can remember, desserts at my grandparents house have always included, amongst other things, at least one apple pie. My grandma has mastered the art of a flaky crust that pairs perfectly with the sweet and cinnamon-y apple filling. If my grandma has mastered the art of making this pie, my grandpa has mastered the art of eating it. My grandpa often explains to us, “I would give you the leftovers, but this pie just doesn’t travel well ;)” and tries to ward of any pie predators with “oh this pie is terrible, none of you want this,” and he often explains to us that he better be the one to test the pie first, just in case it’s not a good one. Despite his attempts we have all come to know and love this pie and look forward to it. We have attempted to present my grandpa with a better pie, taking friend’s recommendations for great apple pies that we buy and test. However they all pale in comparison to grandma’s pie.

After attempting to make a pumpkin pie at my dad’s request and not exactly getting rave reviews, I decided I needed to take a few lessons from the pro. I went to grandparent’s house and made the pie with my grandma, side-by-side, step by step. It is a day I will most likely never forget. One of those special memories you cherish. From that experience I got a typed out recipe that I will be framing soon, and a delicious apple pie that I made to take home to my dad as proof that I am capable of making a pie.

Now, while I thought I would be leaving my grandma’s house having unlocked the secret ingredient that makes this pie so delicious, instead I learned a lesson that I continue to learn time and time again; simplicity is key. The list of ingredients is short and the process simple. A nice combination of sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice and apples and a few dabs of butter fills the flaky pie crust that is composed of flour, shortening, and a little bit of salt and ice water. It is this simplicity that excites me and inspires me to get in the kitchen, not be intimidated, and make some deliciously simple food!