Ok so time to do some catch up…

Winter term ended and Emily and I packed up my car and headed out on the open road…

(Emily and I are both doing our internships in CALIFORNIA!)

(ok we packed up my car MULTIPLE times with a lot of help from friends,  took stuff to storage, packed the car again, squeezed in the car for a few days, stayed with my amazing cousins, lost a lot of sleep and barely made it through finals and then left for California in a desperate rush to get to our beds and unpack our lives from the trunk of the car…the verdict…sell everything and just carry a toothbrush and one change of clothes with me for the rest of my life.)

…for 20 loooong hours. 
We got to Salt lake city at about 12:30 DESPARATE for a bed and some rest after a long afternoon of driving (finals ended and we were on the road at 3:30) but a bed we did not find…. WOOPS we went to the wrong Hilton hotel, and a not so happy Sarah walked away from the not so friendly hotel clerk as Emily quickly calmed her as we hopped back in the car and headed to find our beds. We soon rolled in to the correct Hilton a few miles away and after many attempts to park the car by Emily we walked in at about 1:30 in dilirous histerics looking like drunken lunatics,  and after a very confusing search for our room, eventually resulting in us returning to the lobby and being shown to our room, we made it to bed. 

…Only to return to the lobby at about 5:20 to check out with the same guy that was there previously who greeted us with “back already?”. But after another long day of driving we made it to CALIFORNIA….and we were greeted by two wonderful parents, a sweet dog, some beautiful sunshine AND… two other lovely best friends and got ready for an amazing spring break together. 
Lucky girl that I am, my three best friends came to my house for Spring Break! And best news is, one of them is staying for the whole fall term as we do our internships. But first spring break…
We made a lot of wonderful family dinners,
ate a LOT of delicious food
(Tartine Bakery…go there. Just go, indulge, and then smile)
went on some beautiful adventures, 
and ate beautiful picnic lunches while on those adventures.
Giorgia found a new love for birds,
we discovered some amazing chocolate bark with REAL FRESH FRUIT in it! Um, why didn’t I think of that…fresh juicy raspberries and white chocolate?!
(Choloate shop) 
Ate more good food…
(AMAZING Almond Croissant from Rustic Bakery in Marin)
Walked around farmers markets, grocery stores etc…are you beginning to see that we are culinary students and that maybe, possibly most of this break revolved around food…
But then break got cut a little short when my internship started a little bit earlier than expect here….
but it’s ok because I get to see this everyday…
but I sure do miss these goofballs…
but it’s ok because I will see them soon and until then I get to spend my term at home living with this lovely,
and we get to spend our day off together gardening and working towards becoming farmers 
and Wednesday through Sunday I spend at my internship from 1:30-11 or midnight shucking oysters to order, building charcuterie platters, and helping with the Garde Manger station. Ridiculously hard work but enjoying and learning and umm strength training because everything in that kitchen seems so heavy 😉
and there you go. We are all caught up now 🙂 Deep sigh of relief.