It’s beginning to look as lot like Christmas!

Well, for the first time in my life I got a REAL Christmas tree. My two best friends/roomies and I got all bundled up and trenched in the snow through a beautiful lot of trees. After much debate (well…really I was the only one debating between the one we all loved and the fat tree that was alone in the corner that I felt bad for), I eventually realized that trees don’t have feelings and gave the ok to buy the one that is pictured above. I loved everything about this experience and now it DEFINITELY feels like christmas! We then came home, strung popcorn, hung ornaments and made our cute little heart string (made with a bunch of paint chips cut into hearts and sewn onto a string) while listening to Christmas music…talk about the perfect evening! We also got stockings for a dollar and decorated and hung them (unfortunately I don’t think Santa will be filling those…) Oh and our beautiful ornaments are courtesy of Emily who went and got old sheets of music and decoupaged them onto ornaments over break. Talk about decorating on a budget! Considering none of us get home until the 23rd…we had to make it feel like Christmas in our apartment!
The tree got halfway decorated…we will see if we ever finish.

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